To Rebuild. To Restore. To Rejuvenate.
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Ali D. Kanji, DPT

Baltimore Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation - Ali D. Kanji

   ...The Right Choice!

To Rebuild.  To Restore.  To Rejuvenate.

Ali D. Kanji - Physical Therapy Maryland

Ali D. Kanji
Ali D. Kanji, DPT

CEO and Chairman of the Board
Baltimore Orthopedics and Rehabilitation, USA Inc.

Over the past 10 years, Dr. Kanji has worked diligently to build BOR from a fledgling organization to the multi-disciplinary powerhouse it is today.

Originally from Toronto, Dr. Kanji attended the University of Toronto for undergraduate studies, where he was recognized in 2004 as one of the Top 40 Minds of the Past 40 Years. Dr. Kanji obtained his Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Daemen College in Buffalo, NY before finishing post-Doctoral studies and clinical training at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD.

Shortly after graduating, Dr. Kanji teamed up with his current business partner, Dr. Adeyinka Adepoju, and together, along with the help of key staff, were able to develop BOR’s current structure and operating climate.

As CEO and Chairman Dr. Ali's long-term ambition and vision has been to improve access to physical and psychological rehabilitation for those in need in the Mid-Atlantic region, while building patient census and a wholistic, best practice-focused continuum of care through a unique Rehabilitation-based system.

Early on, Dr. Ali D. Kanji realized that the combination and co-location of services acted synergistically to improve patient care, outcomes and prognosis while reducing healthcare costs.

Ali D. Kanji - Top Physical Therapist Baltimore Top Physical Therapist Maryland
Figure A: BOR's Multidisciplinary Approach –
Patient Perspective
Figure B: BOR's Multidisciplinary Approach –
Clinician Perspective

BOR Rationale for Clinical and Business Models:

From CMS Manual:

  • Services for physical health and behavioral health (which includes mental health and substance use disorders) historically have been financed and delivered under separate systems. As a result, Medicaid enrollees with behavioral health conditions often find themselves interacting with multiple public and private agencies and receiving care from myriad providers funded from different sources.
  • Integrating physical and behavioral health has been shown to reduce fragmentation of services and promote patient-centered care for adults with depression and anxiety disorders.

Benefits of care integration, again according to the CMS Manual, include:

  1. Care coordination/care management
  2. Co-location
  3. Improved Screening and Referral to Treatment


Dr. Ali D. Kanji, DPT is an advocate for access to patient care. If you would like to contact him directly, please click here:

What makes us different?

A Dream. A Vision, Our Reality.

A vision that would fill in the gaps for those in need of care mentally, emotionally and physically, over the past 3 years, Through determination and commitment BOR’s “Circle of Care” program has taken flight.  

Now, Baltimore Orthopedics and Rehabilitation is the only center in Maryland that provides a multidisciplinary “patient centered” care approach.

Ali D. Kanji -  Top Physical Therapist MarylandBOR’s “Circle of Care” consists of the following:

  • Psychological Wellness
    • Social Work & Counseling
    • Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP)
  • Rehabilitation Services
    • Physical Therapy
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Speech Therapy
    • Aqua Therapy
  • Primary Care
  • Pharmacy
  • Adult Medical Day Care
  • Home Health Care Services
  • Education and Training
  • Transportation to those who qualify

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