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About Us

Baltimore Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation (BOR), founded in 2004, is now the largest rehabilitation provider in Maryland.

We offer physical therapy, occupational therapyspeech therapy, and mental health counseling services in more than 80 centers across the East Coast of the United States as well as serving more than 65 adult day care centers, both state-funded and independently owned.

With 150 staff members, we are a multi-specialty group providing physical therapy, occupational and speech therapies in Maryland, Washington DC, Pennsylvania and South Carolina.

Our mission from the start was to become one of Baltimore’s top providers of rehabilitation services, and we have accomplished that. We now strive to be the most effective, consistent and least restrictive providers of rehabilitation services and therapies along the East Coast of the United States.

Our multiple Physical Therapy clinics across the Greater Baltimore – Washington DC area are continually updated and fully customized rehabilitation clinics where manual, mechanical, thermal and electric modalities are used to manage inflammation.

We offer new workout/gym areas suitable for patients to improve their range of motion through stretching, and strength or cardiovascular endurance for patients of all ages.

Specialized balance rooms provide the latest in physical therapy/fall prevention strategies for our patients including the innovative use of parallel bars, motor control and feedback, and a Wii balance training system.

At the adult day care centers, each of these contracted facilities has a designated Rehabilitation Room or space where patients can receive the physical therapy they need.

BOR is one of the few providers in our footprint to accept Medical Assistance and provide all disciples of rehabilitation (physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy).

We are distinguished for our attention to individual service and customized programs. We insist that each patient have one-on-one attention and personalized programs from their expertly trained and licensed therapist.

Whether you were injured on the job, hurt on the playing field, or sustained pain from an illness, our goal is to restore your highest level of function and get you back to living a full and active life.

Our highly-qualified staff are among the best in their professions. Added to that, we believe the reason they consistently achieve positive patient outcomes is because of their extensive on-boarding process and orientation to the BOR way of life.

Our hand therapists, sports and orthopaedics therapists, geriatric therapists, physiatrists, and internists/nurse practitioners all work together to provide the care you or your loved ones need.

Our staff members are passionate about their professions, respectful of their patients, and totally dedicated to motivating those in their care to improve their health and wellbeing.

We guarantee that our therapists will treat you with the utmost care and respect, and you will always be greeted warmly when you walk through our doors.

We are committed as well to scheduling your physical therapy appointments immediately. We understand the urgency of treating a person who is in pain or who needs post-operative care.

When you call for an appointment, we guarantee you will be scheduled within 24 hours.

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